Ticket Information:

While the entrance is free, the number of visitors are limited per day. 

Your free entrance ticket + festival glass 8 cl + 10 tokens (1,50€ per token per 8 cl of beer*) + festival journal, costs a total of 25 (twenty five) Euro.  

*Some brewers will ask 2 tokens for their most special brands. You are also allowed to ask half a glass for the special brand and pay 1 token. Tokens are also valid for catering and all other festival activities

Tickets are also for sale at the Festival Entrance at 30 Euro

 Entry tickets have a unique bar code and will be activated by scan upon entry on Saturday, or Sunday. Make sure you pick your right day of choice please, tickets cannot be altered.

Our website has an SSL certificate and only uses a safe coded connection through https:

People with tickets for both Saturday and Sunday, can mail us for a “Free tent/bivac voucher”. Limited places, and while stock lasts.

Ticket sales is active:

Quantity:Ticket for:Price:Description:
Saturday25.00 EURJuly 6th: Admit one + 8cl glass + 10 tokens + festival journal
Sunday25.00 EURJuly 7th: Admit one + 8cl glass + 10 tokens + festival journal
Weekend45.00 EURJuly 6 & 7th: Admit one + 8cl glass + 20 tokens + festival journal
Extra Glass5.00 EURExtra 8cl Festival glass
T-shirt unisex Small20.00 EURFestival T-shirt SMALL (color black)
T-shirt unisex Medium20.00 EURFestival T-shirt MEDIUM (color black)
T-shirt unisex LARGE20.00 EURFestival T-shirt LARGE (color black)
T-shirt unisex XL20.00 EURFestival T-shirt XL (color black)
T-shirt unisex XXL20.00 EURFestival T-shirt XXL (color black)
T-shirt unisex XXXL20.00 EURFestival T-shirt XXXL (color black)
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

No worries if you do not have a paypal account, you can also complete your purchase with the guest check out, and with a choice of Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and/or American Express.